Palliative care is for everyone


'Palliative care does not mean a loss of hope; it's a recognition that we are going to focus on the quality of life over the quantity.'

Charléss Dupont, speaking on the Lewy body MasterClass, 2024

Every healthcare professional has a role in providing and supporting palliative discussions and services from the point of diagnosis all the way through to the end of life.

For someone with a neurological condition, those conversations can happen with their specialist nurse, their occupational therapist, their consultant or their physiotherapist.

Sarah Roderick, MS Specialist Nurse, explained at our MasterClass last year how to introduce the 'palliative approach'.

Our Palliative Care MasterClass in November brings you insights from specialists across the whole multi-disciplinary team providing insight into their role in palliative care.

From speech and language therapists discussing eating and drinking with accepted risks to dieticians looking at supported decision-making, pharmacists discussing deprescribing to consultants considering unmet needs, this programme brings a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to a broad audience.

The MasterClass focuses on neurological conditions and considers:

  • the importance of holistic, individualised and person-centred care,
  • the need for formal and informal professional collaboration,
  • clarity that palliative care is a value and a concept as well as a type or phase of care

Register now and join us on 12th - 13th November in Sheffield:

For every person, at any stage

Palliative Care Academy challenges the idea of palliative care as a late-stage service. Whilst recognising the practical nuances and bespoke approaches needed in palliative care for people with dementia, Parkinson's, MS and motor neurone disease respectively, the Academy promotes a holistic and positive approach to palliative care at any stage of any condition.