The Neuropharmacy Academy 2020


Where did this year go… I feel like these words are uttered every year, but in 2020 it has been permanently uttered. Who knew a year ago we would be tackling a global pandemic and understand terms such as tiers, furlough and redeployment. The Neuropharmacy Academy had some exciting developments planned for 2020 and some of these went ahead. The second MasterClass meeting virtually for two days on MS and Parkinson’s, and the international Neuropharmacy MasterClass occurring virtually for neuropharmacists interested in developing their skills in MS and the role of the pharmacist.

The first Neuropharmacist research day was held back in January 2020 and it is hoped the second will occur in the spring/summer 2021, using virtual technology to allow for delegates to attend virtually from their offices, sofa and bedrooms. Who knew that virtual meetings would be second nature, and whilst we all miss the physical benefits of networking (the laugh and joke or favour that could be asked face to face), the Neuropharmacy Academy working with the Neurology Academy has ensured that we have not lost out on the education needed by having pharmacists take part in webinars and MasterClasses of various disciplines.

As pharmacists we have shown our value to the neurology teams across the country and further afield and with one leading consultant stating “an army of neuropharmacists is required”. So may the battle against the big C of 2020 be over soon and during the festive season allow a new big C to be celebrated – Christmas and also Comradery that continues with the growing network of neuropharmacists.

Have a fantastic festive season and may we all see each other face to face in 2021 for a laugh, a joke and maybe even a hug.

Best wishes Joela and Rachel

Joela Mathews

Lead neuroscience pharmacist, Barts Health NHS Trust

Rachel Dorsey-Campbell

Senior lead pharmacist, Neurosciences, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

An innovative training programme for pharmacy professionals

Developed in recognition of the essential role that neuro-pharmacists can play in a good neurology team, this Academy exists for pharmacy professionals who want to develop expertise in neurological conditions.