Pregnancy and MS: How early should our discussions start, what should be covered and by who and how is this varying around the country

19 Aug 2021 12:00 - 13:00

Please note: There is restricted access to the live webinars. Access to the live webinars is for health professionals working in MS services and a limited number of MS charity representatives and pharmaceutical representatives. If you are not granted access to the live webinar, you will be able to review the footage, which will be posted on our website shortly after the webinar has been conducted.

MS Academy will hold a live webinar on Thursday, 19 August at 12:00 BST for an interactive discussion on pregnancy and MS

You are invited to watch the video conference from your computer or tablet. The webinar will be live via Zoom for 1 hour and a recording will be available following the meeting.

Case Study:

A 32-year old woman with rapidly evolving severe MS, previously treated with natalizumab for 4 years, but switched to fingolimod 3 years ago when her JCV index went above 1.5. She is now planning to start a family. She has requested going back on natalizumab for her pregnancy. What would you advise?


This webinar will discuss how to manage MS DMTs during pregnancy and the management of more active MS during pregnancy. Including some discussion and examples of joint working across MS and Maternity teams.

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