A quick mid-year review on our virtual education

06 Sept 2023

There's been a lot going on this year; in addition to all our usual courses, there have been a great deal of new ones too, both in-person and virtually.

2023 has seen the launch of five new virtual courses supporting more than 1,300 healthcare professionals in learning in their own time, at their own pace. We thought we'd have a quick review of them at this mid-year point…

Spasticity Basics

A brand new course this year for a brand new Academy, we didn't know how Spasticity Basics would be received - but it was our fastest filling course ever with a total of 519 delegates registered.

From the current evaluations of the course, a high volume of comments suggest that highlights of the course included the multidisciplinary approach to learning with speakers from various disciplines, and the flexibility of virtual learning.

'The diversity of speakers [worked really well], you get a feel for spasticity from different clinician points of view but also how this works together as an MDT.'

'The course covered the primary care sector and not just the acute sector - as I work in primary care found the topics really helpful to take forward in to my work area.'

'Great course, excellent speakers. I learned a lot and will apply my knowledge in practice.'

Every delegate stated they would recommend the course to colleagues, and that the learning would have a positive impact on their clinical practice.

Mild cognitive impairment

Our third iteration of this course, 236 applicants registered to attend.

'The perspective of different occupations into cognitive impairment offers useful understanding.'

'Really benefited from the interactive nature of the course especially when experts were discussing issues in a conversational format.'

'Great range of resources and explanation of research undertaken.'

Evaluations so far are already positive, with a number of delegates noting changes they will make to their practice as a result of the learning. Specifically, delegates have noted:

  • trying to access MRIs and biomarkers as part of the diagnostic process for MCI

  • working to reduce anticholinergic medications in patients

  • monitoring for REM sleep behaviour disorder as a red flag for Lewy body dementia

  • incorporating evidence about the gut-brain connection into teaching and psychoeducation

  • considering how to implement prevention and lifestyle interventions into clinical practice

Lewy Body Bitesize

Another brand new form of education, 196 delegates registered for this short-form course designed to provide a baseline understanding of the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer's.

Evaluations for the course so far, and have rated every aspect either 'good' or 'excellent'. Many delegates reported not only the benefit of the flexibility of virtual learning and being able to pause or rewatch elements, but these particular sessions are short enough to fit into a busy work day or busy personal schedules.

'These were easy short informative clips that gave me a greater understanding for DLB, the effect that it has on the brain and ways that I could support someone.'

'Thank you for these bitesize videos. Although I have worked in a memory clinic for many years , we rarely give the diagnosis of Lewy Body dementia. Whilst I did have some knowledge of the condition, this course has really been educational, especially in terms of prescribing. I have enjoyed and learned from each presentation.'

'Excellent information, summary of research papers for evidence in prescribing. Clear slides.'

Health & wellness

306 delegates signed up for our first course of its kind, designed to support self-awareness and self-care, reducing burnout and compassion fatigue in healthcare professionals with deliberately short sessions and extensive further resources. Health & wellness so far has only been launched just before the Summer, so evaluations have started to come in and will be reviewed in a few months. However those that have evaluated have enjoyed how succinct the sessions were and responded positively when asked 'Do you feel that the course content will positively influence your actions to support you both at home and in the workplace?'

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