Lewy body dementia – a growing area of importance – and our latest MasterClass

13 Jul 2021

People living with Lewy body dementia (LBD) or Parkinson's disease dementia (PDD) can often fall through the gaps in care. The new Lewy Body Academy has just been created to try to close that gap, by equipping professionals with the information and education they need to understand, diagnose and treat PDD and LBD effectively.

'Lewy body dementia (LBD) is the second most common type of dementia, yet it is frequently un- or misdiagnosed. LBD can present in multiple guises. Upgrading knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and management of LBD is essential for all clinicians working with people at risk of or living with dementia.'

Prof Iracema Leroi, Associate Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry, Trinity College, Dublin

This Autumn, we are launching our brand new Lewy Body MasterClass which 130 people have already registered their interest in attending. Registration is now open for this intensely practical education programme addressing the diagnosis and practical management of LBD and PDD among clinicians in the UK and Ireland. As with all of our courses, this MasterClass will be thorough in reviewing the latest evidence regarding both biomarkers and interventions.

Supported by case based discussions, differential diagnoses, and examining the variety of assessment tools including the DIAMOND Lewy toolkit, the two-day residential course features a range of speakers with a variety of expertise and backgrounds.

This November we will be running our first LBD MasterClass in Belfast where 72 professionals have expressed their interest in attending, whilst there are already plans for another to take place in Sheffield in 2022.

It is hoped that this MasterClass will not only improve understanding of LBD and services for those living with the condition, but will also encourage the development of a network of LBD-skilled clinicians across the UK and Ireland, able to lead improvements in diagnosis, management, and care.

04 November 2021 Course
Lewy Body MasterClass Fully booked

For more information on the course, visit the Lewy Body Academy.

For more information on treating and managing PDD and LBD, a recent webinar on the topic was held last month and is available on demand now.

Lewy Body Academy

Focussing on dementia with Lewy bodies (previously known as Lewy body disease), and Parkinson's disease dementia, this specialist training ensures people with these dementias do not fall through the gaps in care.