Lewy Body MasterClass

04 Nov - 05 Nov 2021


Belfast (venue to be confirmed)

Course costs to be confirmed

There is an urgent need to address the gap in awareness and clinical skills around the diagnosis and management of DLB by clinicians in the UK and Ireland.

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This MasterClass aims to address this gap by providing intense practical education regarding the diagnosis and practical management of DLB/PDD among clinicians in the UK and Ireland, leaning on the latest evidence regarding biomarkers and interventions. The MasterClass will also form the basis of developing a network of DLB-skilled clinicians across the UK and Ireland, able to lead improvements in diagnosis, management, and care.

Who is the course for?

Clinicians working with older adults at risk of or living with dementia (geriatricians, old age psychiatrists, neurologists, palliative care physicians, clinical nurse specialists, senior trainees and allied health professionals)

From this course, delegates will gain:

  • An introduction to the clinical syndrome of DLB/PDD, its epidemiology and risk factors

  • An understanding of the clinical aspects of diagnosis of people at different stages of these dementias, with a focus on different presentations (motor, cognitive, behavioural, other)

  • Case-based discussions of different clinical presentations, including diagnostic challenges, with a focus on the DIAMOND LEWY toolkit

  • An introduction to assessment tools for cognitive, functional, and behavioural impairment for DLB/PDD

  • An introduction to treatment and management of DLB/PDD (pharmacological and non-pharmacological)

  • Discussions of care pathway planning for people living with dementia, including information and support for family carers

  • An understanding of community support and third sector services.

In partnership with The Lewy Body Society

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