Reset and Reform MS services: by enabling clinical leadership


One of the core themes highlighted in our new report, 'NHS Reset and Reform' is that of leadership. Across every facet of MS care from design to delivery and into people with MS's decision-making, there is a need to support and nurture leadership in our healthcare professionals, commissioners, managers and patients.

'When we think about leaders, we tend to think about someone at a prominent level, 'the leader'... but we know leadership happens at all levels and in different ways and locations.

We need to shift our thinking towards a 'ship of leaders' who can work together in a sustainable fashion.'

Barbara Hoese, President of Pentecore Coaching LLC

'NHS Reset and Reform' states that, in order to assist with improvement of MS services at a local and network level, as well as to provide influence from a number of angles with ICSs, we need to:

  • Support leadership development and training opportunities for healthcare professionals (HCPs), commissioners and service managers working in MS.

  • Identify clinical leaders who can actively provide a leadership role within MS networks and ICSs.

  • Consider opportunities to develop patient leaders

In these short videos, Karen Vernon, Nurse Consultant in MS at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, and co-developers of the MS Leader's Academy Barbara Hoese and Prof Gabriele de Luca, all share their thoughts and insights into why leadership is such a critical part of the MS roadmap to service improvement.

'For a long time, people have learned their leadership skills on the job. There needs to be proper investment into education in order to push services forward and raise them on agenda items at a local, regional and national level.'

Karen Vernon, Nurse Consultant in MS, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

From discussing the 'diversity of the people who are critical to delivering high quality care in MS' to sharing the principles of change leadership in practice, Gabriele and Barbara give a brief overview of the MS Leader's Academy. They also touch on the incredible journey that the first cohort of delegates have made in the past year, resulting in their vision for MSUnite, shared through Esther's story.

'This is about coming together, building leaders, and thinking about - not only how they can change MS services - but more broadly, the NHS at its core.'

Prof Gabriele de Luca, Clinician-scientist in Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford

To learn more about 'NHS Reset and Reform', read the written report here.

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