Reset and Reform MS services: from information to action


Over the past few weeks we have looked in detail at the various aspects of the new report, 'NHS Reset and Reform: A new direction for health and care in multiple sclerosis', and shared the experiences and thoughts of healthcare professionals around those core themes:

Now, we want to encourage you to step from information into action, as clinical leaders, as a voice within Integrated Care Systems, as a key part of the solution to resetting and reforming the NHS post-COVID-19.

'COVID has required us to stop and restart services. Why not restart them better?'

Dr Ian Pomeroy, consultant neurologist

This Friday, Professor Jeremy Hobart leads a webinar on exactly this: 'Putting policy into practice'. Accompanied by an expert panel, including those who contributed to the report itself, this webinar forms the first of two dedicated to answering your questions, and unpicking the 'how' element which can take us from ideas to reality.

Have a look at the report, listen to some of the short videos as your peers share their thoughts, and get your questions in now for Friday's lunchtime webinar. Together, let's reset and reform the NHS - and make a difference to those living with MS.

To learn more about 'NHS Reset and Reform', read the written report here.

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