Viv Horton

30 Nov 2022

As part of our Parkinson's Academy twenty-year celebration, we are highlighting a handful of healthcare professionals who have been on a journey with the Academy over the years, from those involved in the early years through to more recent delegates-turned-speakers. Each individual has contributed so much to the Academy, and found benefits from its education and community in turn.

Viv Horton

Advanced clinical pharmacist neurosciences, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Viv is an advanced clinical pharmacist for neurosciences and has had a varied journey throughout Neurology Academy, with attendance at educational events over the years spanning Parkinson's, palliative care, neuropharmacy and headache.

'I am so thankful for Parkinson’s Academy; it has been crucial in my development into an autonomous member of the movement disorder team. I place the highest value on the knowledge and skills acquired and have also benefited massively from the opportunity to network and make significant professional friendships.'

Viv won the intermodule project award for her work on primary care natalizumab recording processes at the the first ever Neuropharmacy MasterClass in 2019, and the following year attended the Palliative Care MasterClass (2020).

She has since become a speaker for Parkinson's Academy, bringing her neuropharmacy expertise to webinars on management of complex Parkinson's. She has joined the faculty for Palliative Care Academy, providing virtual content around medications management for people with Parkinson's in palliative and end of life stages as part of module one of the new Palliative Care MasterClass.

'I am enthusiastic in my recommendation of this opportunity to others; it is flawlessly organised, and the teaching is top tier! There was lots of opportunity to interact and discuss best practice in the real world. I also enjoyed the challenge of the intermodule project and remain impressed by the projects of my peers. I feel really fortunate to have been privileged to ‘grow up’ in this supportive environment.'

'The things you can't get from the books'

Parkinson's Academy, our original and longest running Academy, houses 20 years of inspirational projects, resources, and evidence for improving outcomes for people with Parkinson's. Led by co-founder and educational director Dr Peter Fletcher, the Academy has a truly collegiate feel and prides itself on delivering 'the things you can't get from books' - a practical learning model which inspires all Neurology Academy courses.