Launch of Uro-neurology Academy

13 Feb 2023

The impact that bladder and bowel symptoms have on people with neurological conditions is immense.

Bladder and bowel problems affect people with a range of neurological conditions, including MS, Parkinson's, dementia, stroke, and brain or spinal cord injuries. They:

  • are commonly experienced and can have a significant impact on quality of life (Panicker 2020)
  • can impact or interrelate with other neurological symptoms like mood, mobility, sleep, work, and social engagement (Be Bladder Aware 2022)
  • are one of the highest causes of emergency admission in the NHS, the rate of admissions almost doubling from 2013-2018 (NHS 2018).

By deepening understanding of bladder and bowel problems and optimal care across the whole multidisciplinary team, we can improve patient education, increase prevention and early intervention, and minimise impact both for the patient, and the NHS as a whole.

We are therefore proud to announce the launch of the Uro-neurology Academy which aims to do just this.

Developed with faculty lead Dr Jalesh Panicker, the Academy will be providing a range of education in the coming year aimed at different levels of specialism. Keep an eye out for our first uro-neurology webinar coming soon - and a MasterClass aimed at neurology specialists coming this year.

In the meantime, for those of you keen to dig into this topic, you can already find a few bits on our website, including: