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20 Jul 2023

1 in 6 people in the UK are living with a neurological condition. They account for 1 in 10 GP consultations.

Primary care input is essential for:

  • identifying possible neurological problems,

  • effective symptom management,

  • holistic support and management of comorbidities,

  • lifestyle advice, preventative care and general health and wellbeing,

  • care across the wider family.

We want to support and encourage those in primary care practice to engage with neurology and so feel more confident in supporting their patients living with a neurological condition.

'I will be more proactive about raising the profile about visual & hearing impairment in MCI and encouraging interventions to address these.'

Delegate on MCI 2022

We have short-form, virtual education available to help you:

'Interesting to hear about REM sleep disorder - was aware patients with Lewy body disease experience REM sleep issues but had not thought of it as a symptom prior to diagnosis.'

Delegate on MCI 2023

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