Myasthenia Gravis MasterClass 1

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01 Mar 2023 - 02 Mar 2023

This MasterClass will be taught in-person through a range of learner-centered methods including formal lectures, interactive cases and held at our Sheffield University location. Virtual spaces will be predominantly reserved for those who would be unable to attend in person, such as international delegates, those with restricted travel or conflicting personal responsibilities.


Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus
Endcliffe Vale Road
S10 3ER

About myasthenia gravis (MG)

Myasthenia gravis is a rare neuromuscular disorder affecting about 15 in every 100,000 people in the UK. It is a chronic, autoimmune condition that causes muscle weakness and excessive muscle fatigue.

Rationale for education in MG

There is significant variation in both provision for, and access to treatment and support for people with MG across the UK. Meanwhile, whilst the rapidly changing treatment landscape is providing novel treatment opportunities, this may in turn widen those inequalities.

The majority of patients with MG are managed within general neurology. We want to ensure existing general neurologists and registrars, pharmacists, specialist nurses and allied health professionals all understand their role in effectively diagnosing, treating and managing people with MG, can work collaboratively to provide good services, and are confident in when and how to escalate complex patients to specialist services and support.

Through this education, we hope to reduce variance and improve access to treatment and care for people with MG.

Aim of education

This course seeks to:

  • raise awareness of MG, its characteristics and ideal management in core neurology services

  • improve mainstream practice through increased knowledge of available treatments and new care pathways

  • improve timely access to specialist care through increased understanding of complex cases and when to escalate care.

Who is this course for?

The intended audience is:

  • general neurologists, including registrars and newly qualified consultants
  • specialist nurses
  • pharmacists
  • allied health professionals

General neurologists manage around one third of patients with MG in general clinics and may require updates on the condition and emerging research and practice around diagnosis, management and treatment.

Pharmacists are key to supporting neurology teams with knowledge of and access to relevant treatments for MG, and supporting them with the latest treatment algorithms and pathways will improve patient access to these, in turn.

Specialist nurses and neuromuscular AHPs play a pivotal role in supporting MG patients on a day to day basis and often are their first port of call. Courses such as this will help provide an upskilling opportunity within the UK, relevant to the NHS.

Programme - last updated 22/02/2023

Cost of the course

The course is fully funded including a travel allowance that will be reimbursed after the MasterClass. There will be a £100 deposit required to secure your place, this will be invoiced to you upon confirmation. This deposit will be refunded within 30 days of you completing both modules of the course. Please note that no deposit is required for virtual delegates.

Travel & accommodation

A £100 travel allowance and 1 night of accommodation is included for this course for those attending in person.

Raising awareness, improving outcomes

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