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Honorary faculty

Our Honorary Faculty are the clinical leaders of their Academy, bringing their expertise and experience, alongside an enthusiasm and drive to improve services and outcomes for people living with a neurological condition. The voluntary role includes bringing new ideas into their Academy, building on and developing new educational content, creating programmes and selecting speakers for our range of educational events.

Georgina Carr CEO, neurological alliance
Julie Riley Retired deputy director of strategy
Sue Thomas Independent healthcare consultant
Prof Adrian Williams Consultant neurologist and professor of clinical neurology
Honorary Speaker


Our speakers are experts in their fields or those with specific experience of a particular topic. They may present at a MasterClass, webinar, or other events and courses, or may deliver a videocast. Many of our speakers are MasterClass alumni, further developing both a clinical network and the Academy's collegiate feel.

Adine Adonis Clinical specialist physiotherapist neurology
Dr Chrissie Burness Consultant Neurologist
Fredi Cavander-Attwood Policy manager for health and social care
Dr Sue Copstick Consultant neuropsychologist
Prof Matthew Cripps Director of Behaviour Change
Rachel Dorsey-Campbell Senior lead pharmacist
John Gillies-Wilkes Head of diversity equity & inclusion (DEI)
Caryn Jory Epilepsy Specialist Nurse
Phillip Kelly Neuromuscular Specialist Nurse & Care Advisor
Emma Manchester Specialist Adult Neuromuscular Disease Physiotherapist
Prof Tony Marson Consultant Neurologist
Joela Mathews Lead neuroscience pharmacist
Dr Tim Nicholson Clinical lecturer
Dr Ian Pomeroy Consultant Neurologist
Dr Agne Straukiene Consultant neurologist
Ruth Stross Head of nursing
Amanda Swain Consultant Specialist (AHP) Brain injury rehabilitation
Phil Tittensor Consultant Nurse for the Epilepsies
Derek Weidner Lead Neurology Pharmacist
Jane Williams Commissioner
Martin Wilson Consultant neurologist & clinical adviser NHSE neurosciences transformation programme
Dr Richard Wood GP with a Special Interest in Headache
Jane Young Nurse Consultant