The workplace project – putting learning into practice

Taking practical education to a fundamental level, every two-module MasterClass includes an intermodule project as a mandatory part of the course. An opportunity to test new knowledge and skills and to improve local services, delegates are offered mentorship and encouraged to support their peers as they continue to develop their specialism in a way that directly impacts their patient's outcomes.

Attendees have free reign over this project. It might be service delivery, patient management or drug treatments, and it could take the form of a service description, an audit, or another form of research. It should meet a local need.

When complete, the project closes with a presentation to the other course members, faculty, and often their managers, commissioners or other people of influence in their area. The group chooses a winner and runner up who receive an award at an evening event, and all projects are shared in our resources section.

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Screening for REM sleep behaviour disorder to improve consideration of dementia with Lewy bodies
By Dr Rachel Moir, Dr Ruth-Pye Jones, Dr Amit Sindhi, and Dr Boben Benjamin  in  Cognition
Use of Melatonin in people with Parkinson’s disease - service improvement audit
By Alison Kearney, Parkinson's Nurse Specialist, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  in  Sleep
Daytime sleepiness in elderly Parkinson disease patients
By Dr Apurba Koomar Chatterjee, Consultant Physician and Clinical Lead, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust  in  Sleep
Audit of sleep disorder in older PD patients using PDSS
By Dr Sandip Raha, Associate Specialist in Medicine, Cwm Taff Morgannwg university Health Board  in  Sleep
Sleep disorders in Parkinson’s Disease, a review of current practice in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
By Dr Jennifer Challberg, SpR in Geriatric Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, and D Stevenson  in  Sleep