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MS Academy offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to receive expert training in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Raising the Bar for MS

Our Raising the Bar 2020 conference ran in November. Listen back to the brilliant speakers, view posters of 'real people doing real things' in the MS community, read up on the key outcomes of the meeting, and learn more about how you can get involved in the workstreams.

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Encouraging excellence, developing leaders, inspiring change

MS Academy was established five years ago and in that time has accomplished a huge amount. The six different levels of specialist MS training are dedicated to case-based learning and practical application of cutting edge research. To date over 2,300 professionals have received some form of MS training through our MasterClasses, roadshows, webinars and other educational offerings.

Home to national programme 'Raising the Bar for MS' with over 300 healthcare professionals actively engaged in the initiative, this is an exciting Academy to belong to.

By clinicians, for clinicians

Healthcare professionals have come together from across different backgrounds, localities, experiences and service models to develop our courses. MS Academy has a valued Faculty of passionate professionals who continually refine and update the content and style of our courses to maximise their relevance and practicality.

Leading on national project to 'raise the bar for MS'

MS Academy supports the national programme 'to improve MS services for all people with MS and their families, and to make delivering these services for all involved a rich and rewarding experience'. Each delegate to complete an MS MasterClass is invited to join the 300-plus healthcare practitioners engaged in this national initiative to 'raise the bar' for the MS community. FIND OUT MORE

Inspiring leadership

Every Academy seeks to equip its healthcare professionals to effect change in their locality. However, through 'Raising the bar', MS Academy began to recognise that affecting change often demands, not only a combination of passion and knowledge, but that complex and varied skill set: leadership. In response, we developed the Leadership MasterClass. FIND OUT MORE

On Demand Webinars

Miss out on a webinar? Had to leave an event before a keynote speaker? Our catalogue of on demand sessions ranges from short videos and podcasts, to webinars and full events, giving you an opportunity to learn and develop in the areas that matter to you, in your own time...


MS Academy offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to receive expert training in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Following in the successful footsteps of the Parkinson’s Academy which was established in 2002, MS Academy delivers an innovative educational programme in the field of MS. The MasterClasses aim to provide a structured training programme for clinicians who seek formal training in both the clinical and managerial aspects of running an ‘MS service’. The educational style of the Academy provides unique clinical skills enhancement and service development.

Designed to advance your skills, expertise and understanding in a meaningful way, our courses aim to deliver a learning experience that extends beyond the ‘classroom’ and will directly impact your professional practice.

With an array of inspirational speakers drawing on their practical experience, course attendees can develop in everything from clinical expertise to patient focus, service delivery to cutting-edge treatment options.

By giving you the knowledge, tools, and a network of like-minded peers, the MS MasterClasses aim to equip you to increase in confidence, ability and passion, so that you can be part of the drive to deliver optimal care and support for people living with MS.

Excellent course with eminent faculty, lots of interaction, and a balance between clinical and service development training

MasterClass feedback

MS Academy draws on the expertise of leaders in the field who deliver top quality education in small groups of 20 and a relaxed atmosphere. The courses have the input from a range of disciplines, and of course from patients themselves.

Not only does the Academy provide updates on the evidence base for managing MS and practical support on how to develop an MS service, the course is also an invaluable opportunity to establish an ongoing network of peer support – not just in MS but in other neurological conditions too.

Thanks for all your hard work – it will undoubtedly make a difference to the lives of patients

MasterClass feedback

Dr David Paling welcomes you to the MS Academy

Covered important clinical issues relating to drug therapies and in particular escalation therapies. Very interactive, lots of debate and discussion

Dr David Paling, Honorary Strategic Director

Advanced training also includes a mentorship programme, which means that individual support continues even after the residential course has finished.

An integral part of the MS MasterClass is the intermodule project. Attendees undertake a workplace project on an issue within their own area. This might be around service delivery, patient management or an aspect of drug management and might involve a service description, an audit or research. Suggested topics include UTI in MS, falls, fractures and bone health, education around PML risk and monitoring, advanced directives, comorbidity screening and lifestyle issues.

The project concludes with presentation to the course members and Faculty in Module 2. This project is a required piece of work which completes the CPD sign-off for the course. To get an idea of what a project might entail you can see projects completed by attendees.

The Academy MasterClass programmes are approved by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom. MS MasterClasses are usually awarded 30 category 1 (external) CPD credits. Please note that the credits are subject to approval of the final programme.

"The MS Academy is a tremendous vehicle for educating and up-skilling healthcare professionals caring for people living with MS"

Dr Wallace Brownlee, Honorary Academic Director

Prof Gavin Giovannoni introduces the MS Academy
MasterClass sessions

What gets covered in a MasterClass? What are the different objectives set? What will I really learn? Find out all the answers in our overview videos.


Our work is made possible because of the wider support we receive, and we are incredibly grateful. Thanks to that support, we are transforming healthcare and changing the lives of people living with neurological conditions.

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Academy and Faculty leaders

We are led and supported by experts with a variety of backgrounds across a range of disciplines. By bringing different passions to the Academy, they ensure we maintain a high quality of content and information across a diverse field of knowledge.

Dr Wallace Brownlee
MS Specialist Neurologist and MS researcher
Dr David Paling
Consultant Neurologist
Dr Javier Carod Artal
Consultant Neurologist, Department of Neurology
Rachel Dorsey-Campbell
Senior Lead Pharmacist
Dr Nikos Evangelou
Clinical Associate Professor in Neurology
Prof Helen Ford
Clinical Professor of Neurology
Joela Mathews
Lead Neuroscience Pharmacist
Dr Niall MacDougall
Consultant Neurologist
Rachel Morrison
MS Specialist Nurse
Ruth Stross
MS Specialist Nurse
Karen Vernon
Nurse Consultant in Multiple Sclerosis
Dr Kate Petheram
Consultant Neurologist


All MasterClass attendees carry out a workplace project as a key part of the course.

All two-module MasterClasses include an intermodule project. This is a workplace project that attendees complete as a key part of the course.

Attendees have free reign over this project. It might be service delivery, patient management or drug treatments, and it could take the form of a service description, an audit, or another form of research. It should meet a local need.

When complete, the project closes with a presentation to the other course members, faculty, and often their managers, commissioners or other people of influence in their area. The group chooses a winner and runner up who receive an award at an evening event, and all projects are shared in our resources section.

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Virtual Consultations for Nurse Led MS Clinics: Here to Stay?
By Alison Pease, MS Clinical Nurse Specialist, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust  in  Digital health solutions
Process-mapping the DMT Pathway to maximise patient safety
By Anna Hill, Pharmacist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust  in  Service audit
How COVID-19 influenced MS Service in Hull – Implementation of Official Guidelines and Recommendations
By Dr Iulia Danciut, an associate specialist from Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust  in  COVID-19


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