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Honorary faculty

Our Honorary Faculty are the clinical leaders of their Academy, bringing their expertise and experience, alongside an enthusiasm and drive to improve services and outcomes for people living with a neurological condition. The voluntary role includes bringing new ideas into their Academy, building on and developing new educational content, creating programmes and selecting speakers for our range of educational events.

Pam Bostock Consultant occupational therapist in neurology
Dr Wallace Brownlee Honorary academic director, MS Academy & consultant neurologist and clinical lead
Nicola Daykin Multiple sclerosis nurse specialist
Rachel Dorsey-Campbell Senior lead pharmacist
Dr Anisha Doshi Consultant neurologist & post-doctoral honorary research fellow
Dr Nikos Evangelou Clinical associate professor in neurology
Dr Azza Ismail Consultant neurologist
Joela Mathews Highly specialist pharmacist – neurosciences lead
Alison McInally Multiples sclerosis trials coordinator
Rachel Morrison MS specialist nurse
Dr David Paling Honorary strategic director, MS Academy & consultant neurologist
Dr Kate Petheram Consultant neurologist
Dr Waqar Rashid Consultant neurologist
Ruth Stross Head of nursing, Neurology Academy
Sue Thomas Independent healthcare consultant


Our speakers are experts in their fields or those with specific experience of a particular topic. They may present at a MasterClass, webinar, or other events and courses, or may deliver a videocast. Many of our speakers are MasterClass alumni, further developing both a clinical network and the Academy's collegiate feel.

Prof Maged Abdel Naseer Head of Neurology department
Dr Rasha Abdel-Fahim Consultant Neurologist
Dr Adnan Al-Araji Director and clinical lead
Rebecca Aldam Public engagement coordinator
Dr Christopher Allen Clinical Research Fellow
Prof Sandra Amor Head of MS research
Phillip Anderson Head of policy
Dr Tarunya Arun Consultant Neurologist
Mavis Ayer MS lead nurse
Prof David Baker Professor of neuroimmonology
Dr Colin Bannon Retired GP and honorary doctor with MS himself
Jody Barber Head of integrated clinical services
Noreen Barker MS consultant nurse
Dr Lucia Batzu Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Camilla Blain Consultant neurologist
Joan Bradley Lead Nurse MS and Rehabilitation
Dr Robert Brenner Clinical neurologist
Dr Peter Brex Consultant neurologist
Prof Ben Bridgewater Chief executive
Suzanne Britt Postgraduate researcher
Dr Gavin Brittain Neurology Clinical Research Fellow
Kelly Broome Clinical specialist physiotherapist in multiple sclerosis and AHP independent prescriber
Dr Will Brown Consultant Neurologist
Katrina Buchanan Consultant Physiotherapist
Tania Burge Advanced MS Champion, MS Specialist Physiotherapist
Dr Therese Burke Clinical platform co-ordinator
Daisy Cam Lead MS specialist nurse
Dr Javier Carod Artal Consultant neurologist
Georgina Carr CEO, neurological alliance
Fredi Cavander-Attwood Policy manager for health and social care
Dr Declan Chard Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Prof Jeremy Chataway Consultant Neurologist
Hassan Chaudhury Digital health and data lead
Dr Karen Chung Consultant Neurologist
Prof Olga Ciccarelli NIHR research professor of neurology
Caroline Clarke Chief executive
Jerry Clough Vice president, advisory services
Prof Cris Constantinescu Professor of neurology and consultant neurologist
Dr Mark Cossburn Consultant Neurologist
Mhairi Coutts MS specialist nurse
Dr Matthew Craner Consultant neurologist
Sarah Crichton Clinical nurse specialist in paediatric neurology
Sherridan Daly Highly specialist speech and language therapist
Dr Charlie Davie Managing director
Dr Gerard Davies Consultant neurologist
Michelle Davies Dorset MS service lead & specialist practitioner
Dr Floriana De Angelis Consultant neurologist, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Prof Gabriele De Luca Clinician-scientist in clinical neurology
Marina Gonzalez del Rio Head of the Nursing Research Unit
Dr Ruth Dobson Clinical senior lecturer
Julie Dock MS specialist nurse/clinical lead
Dr Martin Duddy Clinical director and consultant neurologist
Jennifer Duffy Operational Services Manager
Dr Giles Elrington Consultant neurologist
Prof Anton Emmanuel Consultant gastroenterologist
Dr Sofia Eriksson Consultant neurologist and honorary associate professor
Dr Rachel Farrell Consultant neurologist
Martin Fischer Independent organisational/management development consultant and associate
Dr Leonora Fisniku Consultant neurologist
Dr Peter Foley Neurology Consultant and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Prof Helen Ford Clinical professor of neurology
Dr Geraint Fuller GIRFT clinical lead for neurology & consultant neurologist
Dr Afagh Garjani Neurology Clinical Research Fellow
Ellie Garlick MS specialist nurse
Prof Gavin Giovannoni Professor of Neurology
Dr Sharmilee Gnanapavan Consultant neurologist
Dr Bruno Gran Consultant neurologist
Gemma Grant MS patient advocate
Dr Orla Gray Consultant neurologist
Prof Nicholas Gutowski Consultant neurologist
Amy Harbour Multiple sclerosis nurse specialist
Tom Harrison Senior policy officer, treatments
Dr Timothy Harrower Chief and principle investigator
Collette Haslam Clinical nurse specialist in Uro-Neurology
Wendy Hendrie MS specialist physiotherapist
Prof Jeremy Hobart Consultant neurologist
Barbara Hoese President, pentecore coaching LLC
Rachel Horne Journalist with MS and PPI member on the trial management group of AttackMS
Dr Owain Howell Senior lecturer
Dr Saif Huda Consultant neurologist
Dr David Hunt Clinician scientist
Joanne Hurford Clinical specialist occupational therapist
Kharis Hutchison PhD in domestic violence in MS
Nicola Hyslop Advanced MS Nurse Champion
North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Gillian Ingram Consultant neurologist
Prof Maria Isabel Leite Associate professor and consultant neurologist
Faculty, Myasthenia Gravis, Neuromuscular Academy
Dr Anu Jacob Consultant neurologist
Jo Johnson Independent clinical psychologist
Dr Joanne Jones Honorary consultant neurologist
Sinead Jordan Advanced nurse practitioner
Elizabeth Keenan Nurse consultant in neuro-disability
Dr Zhaleh Khaleeli Consultant neurologist
Dr Jo Kitley Consultant Neurologist
Prof Christoph Kleinschnitz Director Clinic of Neurology
Kim Knight Clinical specialist physiotherapist
Prof Dawn Langdon Professor of neuropsychology and director of health and medicine
Anthony Lawton Consultant and business improvement mentor
Jenny Ledsam MS Service Coordinator
Margie Leong Specialist dietitian
Dr Ming Lim Consultant paediatric neurologist
Christine Longinotti Clinical psychologist
Lucy Lyons Advanced Nurse Practioner
Dr Niall MacDougall Consultant neurologist
Bhawani Mainali MS clinical nurse specialist
Dr Monica Marta Clinical academic neurologist
Andrew Martin Consultant neuroradiologist
Dr Miriam Mattoscio Consultant neurologist
Dr Gordon Mazibrada Consultant neurologist
Dr Claire McCarthy Consultant neurologist
Dr Gavin McDonnell Consultant Neurologist
Alyson McGregor National director
Dr Brendan McLean Consultant neurologist
Gale Metcalfe MS specialist nurse
Rod Middleton Project Manager and System Architect
Paul Midgley Director of NHS insight
Dr Niraj Mistry Consultant neurologist
Prof Rona Moss-Morris Professor of psychology as applied to medicine
Olivia Moswela Lead pharmacist
Dr Katy Murray Consultant Neurologist
Paru Naik Director of health professionals programmes
Prof Richard Nicholas Consultant neurologist
Prof Christine Norton Professor of clinical nursing research
Rhian O'Halloran Clinical specialist physiotherapist in MS
Miranda Olding MS Clinical Nurse Specialist
Prof David Oliver Honorary Professor
Audrey Owen MS specialist nurse
Denise Owen MS nurse specialist
Anusha Patel Regional Homecare Lead Pharmacist
Dr Owen Pearson Consultant neurologist
George Pepper Co-founder and CEO
Dr Lorraine Petersen Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Jen Petrie Trial Manager
Dr Trevor Pickersgill Consultant neurologist
Dr Marco Pisa Consultant Neurologist
Prof Stefano Pluchino University reader in regenerative neuroimmunology
Dr Ian Pomeroy Consultant Neurologist
Bernadette Porter Consultant nurse in Multiple Sclerosis
Dr Si Price Consultant neurologist
Stacey Pruett Neurology clinical nurse specialist
Dr Rhian Raftopoulos Consultant neurologist
Liam Rice Multiple sclerosis clinical nurse specialist
Liam Rice Multiple sclerosis nurse specialist
Megan Roberts Independent MS nurse consultant
Prof Neil Robertson Professor of Neurology
Sarah Roderick MS nurse specialist
Dr David Rog Consultant Neurologist
Dr Silvia Rota Clinical Research Fellow & Specialist in Neurology
Prof Aisling Ryan Consultant neurologist
Prof Marco Salvetti Professor and Chair of Neurology
Dr Lara Sanvito Consultant neurologist
Dr Antonio Scalfari Consultant Neurologist
Prof Klaus Schmierer Professor of neurology and consultant neurologist
Dominic Shadbolt Founder of the MSGuide
Dr Pushkar Shah Consultant Neurologist
Prof Basil Sharrack Consultant neurologist
Aoife Shields MS pharmacist
Prof Eli Silber Consultant neurologist
Dr Audrey Sinclair Consultant Neuroradiologist
Rob Sloan Head of insights
Jennifer Slough Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dr Ide Smets Academic Neurologist
Prof John Snowden Consultant Haematologist
Anna Sprigings MS specialist practitioner and highly specialist neurological physiotherapist
Zoey Steele Teaching assistant at King Edward the VII secondary school in Sheffield.
Dr Andrea Stennett Research neuro-physiotherapist in MS & honorary clinical lecturer
Julie Storrie Senior clinical advisor for renew medical UK limited
Dr Agne Straukiene Consultant neurologist
Farah Suleman Senior Neuroscience Dietitian
Dr Emma Tallantyre Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Riffat Tanveer Consultant Neurologist
Del Thomas Lead MS CNS and community neuro CNS manager
Alison Thomson Designer and Researcher
Dr John Thorpe Consultant neurologist
Dr Ben Turner Consultant Neurologist
Dr James Varley Consultant neurologist
Karen Vernon Multiple sclerosis nurse
Prof Matthew Walker Professor of neurology
Mark Webb Head of comms
Sarah White Lead MS specialist nurse
Dr Jonathan White Medical advisor & event facilitator
Camille Whitehead Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) Therapist
Charlotte Wicks Research fellow
Carmel Wilkinson MS specialist nurse
Prof Adrian Williams Consultant neurologist and professor of clinical neurology
Honorary Speaker
Prof Anna Williams Professor of Regenerative Neurology
Helen Willis Clinical nurse specialist
Dr Heather Wilson Consultant Neurologist
Martin Wilson Consultant neurologist & clinical adviser NHSE neurosciences transformation programme
Paul Wilson Expert Patient Speaker
Liz Woodhead Clinical nurse specialist in multiple sclerosis
Dr John Woolmore Consultant Neurologist
Terri Worthington Lead MS Nurse
Prof Carolyn Young Consultant neurologist
Dr Ghaniah Zeb Hassan-Smith Consultant neurologist