MS MasterClass project award winners

All MS MasterClass attendees carry out a workplace project as a key part of the course. This will be on an issue they choose in the area that they work, from service development to epidemiology, audit to patient management.

All delegates present their project to their course peers and the teaching faculty, who jointly choose a winner and two runners up for the year. These people are presented with an award and their projects are highlighted on our website.

All projects are added to our resources area online where the valuable learning can be shared and used more widely.

Advanced MasterClass 12

May 2021

Intermediate MasterClass 11

June 2021

Foundation MasterClass 10

June 2021

Dr Andrea Stennett, Foundation MasterClass 10 project winner

Advanced MasterClass 9

November 2020

Chandni Radia, Dr Iulia Danciut & Shannon Gaughan, Advanced MasterClass 9 winners

Intermediate MasterClass 8

December 2019

Foundation MasterClass 7

September 2019

Advanced MasterClass 6


MasterClass 5


MasterClass 4


MasterClass 3


MasterClass 2


MasterClass 1