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Honorary faculty

Our Honorary Faculty are the clinical leaders of their Academy, bringing their expertise and experience, alongside an enthusiasm and drive to improve services and outcomes for people living with a neurological condition. The voluntary role includes bringing new ideas into their Academy, building on and developing new educational content, creating programmes and selecting speakers for our range of educational events.

Dr Ross Dunne Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist
Dr Sarah Fox Communication and involvement practitioner
Dr Joseph Kane Academic Clinical Lecturer
Prof Iracema Leroi Associate Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry
Dr Ross Overshott Consultant in Liaison Psychiatry
Sue Thomas Independent Healthcare Consultant


Our speakers are experts in their fields or those with specific experience of a particular topic. They may present at a MasterClass, webinar, or other events and courses, or may deliver a videocast. Many of our speakers are MasterClass alumni, further developing both a clinical network and the Academy's collegiate feel.

Zena Aldridge Registered Mental Health Nurse
Prof Suvarna Alladi Professor of Neurology
Susan Ashcroft-Simpson RMN in Dementia Care
Prof Sube Banerjee Old age psychiatrist
Prof Frederik Barkhof Professor of Neuroradiology
Abhisweta Bhattacharjee Applied Psychology Masters alumni
Dr Robert Briggs Consultant geriatrician
Dr Tony Burch GP Advisor
Prof Alistair Burns Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, Vice Dean for the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
Gaynah Butler Quality Improvement Manager
Siobhan Casey Business Leader
Dr Dennis Chan Consultant neurologist
Barbara Chavunduka Community Mental Health Team Manager
Dr Yaohua Chen Neurologist, Geriatrician
Dr Lucy Colwill ST5 Trainee in Old Age Psychiatry
Laura Cook Physiotherapist
Dr Liz Coulthard Associate Professor in Dementia Neurology
Dr Jayashree Dasgupta Clinical Psychologist with a specialization in neuropsychology
Dr Clara Domínguez Vivero Clinical Neurologist, Galician Health Service, Ponetevedra, Spain
Hayley Farrell Deputy Manager
Dr Mahesh Gopakumar Dual Trainee, Later Life & General Adult Psychiatry
Azizul Haque Founder of Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh
Dr Karen Harrison Dening Head of Research and Publications
Dr Soumya Hegde Geriatric Psychiatrist
Alison Holden Specialist Occupational Therapist in Dementia Care and Memory Assessment Services
Dr Badrul Islam Assistant Scientist
Dr Raisul Islam Khan Specialist in Geriatric & Gerontology
Dr Mehran Javeed Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry
Jo Johnson Independent Clinical Psychologist
Prof Sean Kennelly Consultant Geriatrician
Dr Irina Kinchin Health Economist with expertise in quantitative and qualitative research
Dr Tobias Langheinrich Consultant Neurologist
Dr Sean Lennon Lead Consultant for Old Age Psychiatry
Tomás León Psychiatrist, Memory Clinic Hospital del Salvador, Chile
Jules Lockett Instructor
Alison Morris Community Occupational Therapist
Adele Owen Tactical Mental Health Lead
Prof John O’Brien Professor of Old Age Psychiatry and NIHR National Specialty Lead for Dementia
Dr Rónán O’Caoimh Consultant Geriatrician
Phil Parker Dementia Clinical Nurse Lead
Prof Peter Passmore Professor of Ageing & Geriatric Medicine
Prof Niall Pender Associate Professor
Dr Nilika Perera Consultant in Liaison Psychiatry
Dr Richard Perry Consultant Neurologist
Dr Kavitha Perumparaichallai Clinical Neuropsychologist
Dr Natalie Phillips Professor, Dept of Psychology
Dr Róisín Purcell Consultant Geriatrician
Prof Craig Ritchie Professor of the Psychiatry of Ageing
Dr Gregor Russell Director of Research and Development
Dr Sanjib Saha Senior Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health
Prof Philip Scheltens Professor of Cognitive Neurology and Director
Dr Jeffrey Schryer Clinical Lead
Dr Rajen Shah Consultant Psychiatrist
Briony Sloper Deputy Director of Nursing and Quality
Dr Amanda Thornton Older Adult Consultant Psychologist
Dr Dominic Trépel Assistant Professor of Health Economics
Dr Sridhar Vaitheswaran Assistant Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Dementia Care in SCARF (DEMCARES)
Dr Mathew Varghese Senior Professor of Psychiatry
Dr Walter Wittich Associate Professor